Family hand casting and family hand linked castings are a beautiful way to capture memories of your loved ones. Our family’s hands are all unique and instantly recognisable, just as our personalities are. Our family hand casting allows you to hold on to memories that you will never want to forget.

This could be a birthday, family milestone, engagement, a wedding, or an anniversary. We also offer family linked arms castings, where children, parents and grandparents can all get involved to create this special piece of 3D artwork.


The Family Hand Casting Process

The family hand casting and family hand linked castings are fun processes that won’t take too long. The moulding process varies, but generally, you will only be submerged in the mould for a few minutes. Do not worry if you think you can’t keep still, we can help you relax though as the completion of your cast will take longer than a few minutes! This is due to the time spent perfecting your cast and ensuring its longevity. Although this process can take a little longer, the results definitely make it worth it!

Our family hand linked casting is a popular choice in which you can create a future family heirloom. Get the whole family involved in creating this 3D casting which will capture the generation family bonds. This process can capture up to 9 arms linked. These castings sit perfectly in any room and are sure to be a talked about feature for any guests!


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