Are you marvelling at your new bundle of joy and want to save those memories for a lifetime? Our children grow up so fast that it can go by in a flash. Capture those little hands while they are still tiny with our baby hand casting service.

The Sweetarts Casting Studio, in Glasgow, create unique baby hand casting artwork that will truly be as unique as you child. Our impressive castings will capture every tiny detail of your baby’s hands, which you can then frame and put pride of place in your home. Our 3D life casts are of the highest standard and quality. You and your baby only deserve the best and our artwork provides a touch of luxury.


The Baby Hand Casting Process

Our baby hand casting service uses the very best stone to provide definition, strength and a beautiful finish to your casting. Castings only take a few minutes, so there is no need to worry about how long your baby will have to wait for. Babies can be awake or asleep for this process and there is no need to worry about any wriggling! This will not affect the outcome of your cast and it will still be perfect.

Baby hand casting is a completely safe process that will not harm your child’s skin. This gentle process uses only natural products, giving you complete peace of mind as they have their casting done.


Sweetarts Casting Studio Framing

Once your baby hand casting has been completed, it is time to choose your frames! We offer a range of gorgeous frames in different sizes, colours and finishes. Speak with us today for prices on the different framing packages that we offer.

If you have a question that we have not answered or would like a quote on our baby feet casting service, be sure to contact us today. We can also provide you with costings if you would like to go ahead with our baby hand and feet casting.